Murieta Townhomes

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Murieta Townhouses, Inc. Murieta Townhouses, Inc. is one of several homeowner associations within Rancho Murieta. There are about 200 town homes included in the 2,300 households that comprise Rancho Murieta. Rancho Murieta is a gated community located about 28 miles east of downtown Sacramento. We have a population of about 5,500 persons of all ages.


What Our Community has to Offer

Both Rancho Murieta North and Rancho Murieta South were built with golf courses as a chief attraction. The golf courses are operated by the Rancho Murieta Country Club and are considered to be two of the best courses in Northern California. We have several lakes which provide us with drinking water, and recreation including fishing and swimming. The Cosumnes River which runs through Rancho Murieta provides recreation opportunities and is the boundary between Rancho Murieta North and South. We are fortunate to have a lot of open space that provides abundant habitat for deer, turkeys, geese, otters and the occasional coyote and mountain lion.